#1834 Lots of Fun New Projects!

I am finding that the greater amount of time between blogs is directly related to the amount of information that I want to share with you all. But that would follow common sense, wouldn’t it?

It seems that it is harder for me than I originally thought to get back in the habit of posting each morning or nearly every morning. I just can’t get back in the rhythm of things. But I am doing my best, and that is what I can offer.

As usual, things have been moving fast and furious around here for me. I can’t believe we are into May already, and the days are warming nicely and things are really starting to fill in and green up. Unfortunately, the dreaded black flies are also back. I am highly allergic to their bites and they love to attack me as soon as I poke my nose out the door. I am trying some new things though this year and I hope to overcome them as much as possible. After spending the winter inside, I need to be able to get some fresh air and get out for a bit each day. I will report on that later on, though.

Much of my time has been spent working up in my beautiful shop and cutting orders for my painting followers. I can’t tell you all how much I enjoy working up there in a space that is dedicated just for my woodworking. We are approaching a year since we moved here (the end of June will be our ‘official’ anniversary) and there isn’t a day that passes that I am not grateful for such a lovely place to live and work. I feel it makes all the difference in the world.

It is odd how things work out, though. While I am doing more woodworking than ever, it may appear to my woodworking followers that I may have given up on it. I have actually had very little time to do much else. Settling the business into the new direction has taken much of my energy, and I haven’t found much extra time to paint, embroider, or even design much. With five months into the new year, I can count on one hand the number of new designs that I created. I know though that this is a temporary thing, as it was the incredible popularity of the Lynne Andrews Ark Project (www.lynneandrews.com) that has kept me so busy. Both Lynne and I are so, so grateful that the project has been so well-received. Its’ success has been far better than our wildest dreams! (Thank you, everyone!)

I am also working on several other projects – both with other artists and on my own – that will come to light a bit better in the near future. As always, slow and steady will win the race. I am a firm believer in planting seeds that may take many months, or even years, to come to fruition. I attribute this approach and patience to the amount of success I am having. It is better to take the time to build a strong and steady foundation than to fly by the seat of our pants and hope something comes to be. I think that what I have been doing will have lasting effects on the business.

I was fortunate enough to have Woodcraft (the long-standing woodworking store) invite me to participate in a series of articles they were doing called “Moms in Woodworking”. It was created for the Mother’s Day weekend and my segment came out yesterday. You can read it here: Woodcraft Article

It was nice to be recognized in this way and I think they did a nice job on the article. It feels good to be recognized in a positive way like this by my peers. I am very grateful.

After cutting literally thousands of Ark pieces for the Lynne Andrews Ark project, I was finally able to take some time off last Sunday and begin painting my own Arks. I hadn’t really taken a “day” off in over five months. I think it is time to step back once a week or so and give myself some non-working creative time. I just need it. Here is the result of my efforts:

This is the large Ark and is called the “Maiden Voyage”. There are 13 small Ark ornaments in the series and one large plaque. This is the plaque that will start us up. I love the details in the little animals!

I am trying to pick at it in the evenings after my ‘regular work’ is done. It actually goes by quickly, even for a slow painter like myself. You can join our Facebook group and see everyone else’s progress if you like. it is called Inspirational Ark Series by Lynne Andrews and you don’t have to paint to come by and observe. We love cheerleaders as well as other painters. I hope to see some of you there.

The next ‘series’ that I am working on is with another amazing artist named Amy Mogish. Amy approached me last year to do a Halloween Club, and I jumped right in.

The club will consist of four mailings which contain three ornaments and painting instructions in each for a total of 12 ornaments. The first mailing is going out June 1st and subsequent ones will be July, August, and September. That way everyone will be finished just in time for Halloween. You can see how it works, all the additional perks, and join at Amy’s website: Classic Amy Joanne (www.classicamyjoanne.com). There are lots of fun perks to joining, and the projects are fun, easy, and beautiful!

I also wanted to remind you all of my own special offer on my little owls.

So far they have been very popular and I will be adding more owls soon. The patterns are all-inclusive and have over 45 photos in each so that even a beginner can follow along and paint the cute pieces. I hope you give them a try.

And this weekend, I am working on another project. It is going to be fun and cute and a little bit spooky! (Yes – I am working on Halloween!)

It is never too early to have some scary fun, right?

I also have to catch you up on Keith’s new designs. He has been busy as well. Over the past week or so he created two new design pattern sets for health care professionals.

First, he created a project for Paramedics:

His SLDK721 – Paramedic – The Thin White Line contains the instructions for the two versions shown above.

He also created a plaque set for nurses:

His SLDK722 Nurses – The Heart of Healthcare also has both of the plaque patterns shown above.

I think they are all great for gift giving and acknowledging those vital caregivers.

Finally, Keith has a new sectional Bible passage:

His SLDK413 – Isaiah 40:31 Sectional Bible Passage pattern is a nice addition to his other large sectional plaques. We hope you like it.

So you see, we have both been quite busy. Once again, I promise to try to write more often. That way I can do shorter blogs. I have lots of fun new projects in mind and so does Keith. We hope to keep you all busy and entertained on many levels.

It is a beautiful and sunny day here in Nova Scotia. I hope you all have a wonderful and happy weekend.

Happy Saturday to you all!

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  1. Good morning Sheila,
    Happy Mother’s Day and I hope that you have a great weekend (Keith too!)
    http://www.the scrollerandtoler.com
    DeWalt 788 (type 1) and Ex 21
    visit us on Face Book, Pinterest and Instragram


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