#1835 Finding a Balance

It seems like just about every morning I intend on writing a blog, and then I get distracted. By the time things settle down, it is usually too late to write a post. I suppose it is just part of the business growing, and that is a good thing. I do, however, miss talking with you all and sharing what I am creating with you. I feel odd only posting when we have an update and we have new patterns. It makes me feel like I am only here part-time and I miss out on visiting with you all. I hope to be a little more consistent about posting.

There is so much going on lately though that it is hard to keep up. As we are approaching a year here in our new place (can you believe that?) it is finally beginning to feel more comfortable and productive. While there is still much that I want to do around here to customize things to our needs, at this point things are in a good place and I find that I am more productive than ever. It is truly a joy having a place for everything. I love both my shop set up as well as my ‘office’. This past week, I fine tuned some of my cabinets in both places and while there is still (a little) room left for more supplies, my environment is incredibly efficient and a pure joy to work in. I couldn’t ask for more.

But now that things have settled into a new plateau, I am beginning to get the urge to finish up the secondary projects that will truly make these spaces my own. These are fun, do-it-yourself projects that I believe most people will enjoy seeing. I am going to be trying some new products and I will give my honest thoughts on how they work. I hope you do stick with me until I get back into my rhythm of writing. I hope it will be fun and inspiring to you all to do some things yourself. 🙂

With that said, I will show you all what I have been up to in the past week or so. Besides cutting and shipping orders, I have been doing some more designing. After spending so many months doing production type work, there is a big backlog of designs that I want to create, as you can imagine.

First off, I finished up making a cute alphabet project that I am calling “Monster Mash” (SLDP260).

I had first intended on only doing the letters that spelled out the title, but after showing them in progress on my painting groups, many requested the full alphabet, so that is what I did.

To paint them, I mainly used DecoArt’s Americana Acrylics, topped with DecoArt’s Glamour Dust Ultra Fine Glitter Paint. By painting them on black and using high-contrasting colors, they came out beautifully vibrant. I just love them!

Then, to step it up a notch, to finish them off, I used their new product line of Extreme Sheen Metallic Paints:

These are absolutely the best metallic paint I have used. The regular metallic paints by DecoArt are nice and pretty, but these seem to be much more pigmented and have so much more shine and coverage. They look almost like foil when you apply them!  I used the Extreme Sheen paints for the spots, lips, and nails of the little monsters and they really made the project look wonderful!

I am offering both the pattern (you can click the photo above) and the pre-cut wood pieces (SLDPK160) for the entire alphabet. Each letter is available individually so that you can spell any name or words you wish. It is a fun and easy project that is great for all levels of painters.

It feels really great to get back to painting and creating. It seems that I have spent most of the year setting things up or doing production type work. While I never mind that, I still like to keep going with some of my own new ideas and make some new things. I suppose the key is to find a good balance.

I promise to try to come and write more regularly. I much prefer shorter posts more often than writing long books to catch up every few weeks. I just have to get back into the habit of doing so.

I hope you have a good weekend. It is somewhat rainy here today, but it is supposed to be bright and sunny by tomorrow. Enjoy your day today.

Thank you for stopping by and happy Saturday!

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