#1841 Classic Amy Joanne Halloween Ornament Club

One of the best things about being a designer is that I get to ‘hang around’ other artistic and creative people. With all the negativity in the world these days, it is good to have a place to focus where only positive thoughts are allowed inside. That is how I treat my “Creative Place”.

Because my Creative Place is not a physical location and more or less a state of mind, I can be there anytime I wish, any day of the week. I only have to shift my thinking a bit and I can bring myself to that spot where things are ‘better’ and I am calm and happy. It helps keep me focused and productive and positive when things sometimes don’t go as planned. But one needs to realize that this doesn’t just happen automatically. It is a conscious effort on my part to decided when to visit my Creative Place, and if the outside world is shouting at me too loudly, it is sometimes more difficult than you can imagine for me to arrive there. Sometimes it takes a little practice.

After yesterday’s update, I found myself at a point where I was ‘in between projects’. I did the usual tidying up of my workspace, but since I did a substantial amount of organizing recently, it took no time at all. I found myself in the desirable place of making the decision of what to do next. Do I work on some existing projects or start something new?  I have a couple of things on the go, but I still had some things that I wanted to start. As you know, I have been involved in several directions and I find it sometimes difficult to keep up with them all. But you can’t blame me for trying. 😉

Lately, I have been busy cutting the wood pieces for the Amy Mogish’s Halloween Club. As you all know, I love creating realism and very detailed artwork. But there is something about Amy’s style of charming creativity that continually draws me in. Her whimsical designs are adorable and they look like they are fun and stress-free to create. After tackling the beautifully intricate Ark from Lynne Andrews that I showed in yesterday’s post, I was ready for something that would be quick, easy and cute all the same.

Decision made. It was time for me to pull out my own ornaments and start the Halloween project!

This series is done on a chalkboard paint background. One thing I love about Amy’s designs is that she often mixes painting with colored penciling. For these ornaments, the lettering is done in pencil, eliminating the stress of trying to paint fussy letters. The characters are also lots of fun and even though it doesn’t show in the pictures, full of beautiful glass glitter for a nice contrast of the flat, chalky surface and the sparkly, chunky glitter. I just love them!

I base coated and traced the pattern onto my first set of three ornaments . . .

Then I began painting the little ghost. (He is the first one of the 12!)

He was fun, easy and stress-free to make. I watched some Netflix shows while painting and I thoroughly enjoyed the process.

By the time I was ready to go to bed (only a short time later) he was nearly done:

I only have the glitter to add to him and perhaps a design around the edges, as some in the club have done. I think I will wait until the group of three is done to make my decision. I actually used the colored pencil to make the lettering (after I considered painting the letters) and I was glad I did. It was so fun and easy to just “color” without thinking about it too much, and it really added to the look of the piece. Don’t you think?

I can’t wait to finish up my other two ornaments!  They are the PERFECT project for someone like me who is busy and in so many directions. The club information is at the link above and I love the way Amy decided to do it. Members will get four mailings of three ornaments/patterns each month for June, July, August, and September. That way their ornaments will be all ready to use and display in the autumn. There are lots of perks with the club as well, and both Amy and I are offering special coupons for club members to use, making it even more of a value!

We have a Facebook group that you can join here: Classic Halloween Ornie Club 

You don’t have to join the club to be in it. We can always use cheerleaders and others to enjoy our progress. We hope to see you there.

Finding ways to de-stress is important. For myself, I find the best way is through creating. When I am making something pretty or fun (or both!) it is hard to be brought down by the rest of the world. I am lost in my “Creative Place” and for the time I am there, I am happy.

I hope you find your “Creative Place” too.

Happy Wednesday to you all!


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