Getting Caught Up

As usual, I have about 50 projects that I am either working on or thinking about working on in the near future. Believe me when I say that this is not what I perceive as a problem, but rather an excellent place to be as a designer.

As I filter through all the ideas I have in my head, I try to not overwhelm myself. I honestly feel like a kid in a candy store in that I want to start with everything at the same time. It is a good thing generally, but sometimes it can ‘overload’ my brain and it can shut me down. I get stuck, not knowing which project to work on first.

At times like these, I just need to take a breath, close my eyes and start somewhere. Usually, that gets me moving and at least I finish up the day accomplishing something. Then I am back on track again.

Last summer, we split our Sheila Landry Designs website into two. The ‘original’ Sheila Landry Designs website has been dedicated to our my partner Keith’s and my scroll saw patterns, and the new site – Tole Painting Designs is for my painting patterns and wood surfaces for painters. It was a big step, but one that our customers appreciated, as it eliminated a lot of confusion as to what we offered as just patterns and what we offered as wood pieces to paint. We are happy we did that.

Then, I decided to also begin offering some embroidery and needlework patterns and kits. It seems that when I showed my needlework projects here on my blog, I would get many requests for instructions and kits for the projects which were my own designs.

It has taken probably close to two years of planning, but after practicing on projects, scouting out supplies and preparing the basic written instructions, I am happy to announce that my Etsy store “The Stitching Kitty” is officially launched and in full swing.

While I had a couple of patterns up on the site, as well as a couple of finished items, I think there were only about 5 products for the past several months and it didn’t make much of an impression.

This weekend, however, I not only added six little sheep embroidery kits and patterns:

TSK04 All wm.jpg

But also I added some new physical products like my cute animal shaped bobbins:

wm TSKF02d.jpg

Later on, I will also be adding supplies like ribbon and charms, and some of my sample pieces for sale. These will all be one of a kind and sold on a first-come/first-serve basis. It is rather exciting. I hope you stop by and ❤ it so you can keep up with my new products if that interests you.

On the painting front, it has been busy as well. I have some new patterns and surfaces on my Tole Painting Designs website which include these cute “SLDP276 Painted Ladies” watering cans:


I am going to be building on this series beginning this week, adding other little creatures from nature and flowers and bugs. They will all be a cute way to decorate throughout spring and summer.

This week I am going to be adding some new surfaces, too. I am going to be painting some of France Quirion’s little “Santa’s Family” elves. (You can get the pattern for them at her Etsy store by clicking the link) I love the little elves, but I am making some smaller ornaments for my little tree here, as hers are about 6″ – 7″ and a little large for my taste.


I have partnered up with her and she is allowing me to sell the surfaces that will go with these pieces, and since they are basic shapes, you can use them for just about anything. Watch my site for the update or I will blog about it when they are ready.

Finally, for me, last week I was able to make progress on my bentwood bucket that I am using to paint Amy Mogish’s “Going to Market” Club pattern on.  This is a great series and features 12 of Amy’s adorable designs that are originally done as little market bag pins. Plus there is a bonus design for the bag itself. I chose to use a pretty bentwood bucket for my own painting, as I can keep it out as a decoration all year long.

You can follow my progress on my Facebook painting group “Let’s Paint with Sheila Landry” on all of these projects as well as many other projects that myself and our wonderful members are creating. It is a great place to share and learn and we have a wonderful group of painters that post regularly. I hope to see you joining us.

I wanted to also show you all that Keith has been up to as well. He has done a great job of holding down the ‘woodworking’ part of the business. With all the cutting that I have been doing for painting orders, I haven’t had much time to design woodworking projects myself.

His latest designs are these wonderful stand-up word art pieces, and also a new Hummingbird Clock pattern:

Keith's new projects for blog.jpg

If you haven’t seen his latest designs, feel free to visit the Sheila Landry Designs website. There are lots of new patterns, as well as specials and great pattern set prices. Right now he has a limited special on all of his Napkin Holder Patterns:

Special 3

Each one of these beautiful designs comes with a pattern for a mini-plaque, too. They are beautiful and fun to cut!

Well, that is about all for today. As always, I will try to come here more often to keep you all up with things. I am working hard on getting back into the habit of blogging. I find I get ‘busy’ and then there is so much that I am behind in telling you about that I become overwhelmed. I just have to make shorter and more frequent posts. All I can do is to keep trying.

In any case, I hope you all enjoy seeing what we are up to. I hope it inspires some creativity in you as well. Feel free to comment and share my posts so I get seen more. It really helps my cause here!

Take care and happy Monday to you all!




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  1. Good morning Sheila,
    Hope you had a nice Mother’s Day yesterday. I usually have anywhere from a couple of different projects to 8 or 9 (or 10-12) in the pipe line waiting for me. I have been working on some of Keith’s word plaques and they are selling before I even finish them and take them to the store that I sell from. I spent most of yesterday working on updating my web site to get better SEQ’s and cull out items that I will no longer be offering. Have a good day and week.
    Check us out our FB,Instagram and Pinterest pages

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    1. So happy to be a part of your creative life! Nice read…great products! Hugs, Amy


      1. Thanks, Amy. I love working with you as well. It really helps to have friends who are working towards the same goals and dreams. Thanks for working with me on these amazing projects! ❤


  2. That is great news, Rick! I am thrilled to hear that you are doing so well. You are such a great cutter though – I am not surprised! 🙂

    Yes – working on the websites and stuff like that takes a great deal of time. I think that is part of our businesses that people sometimes may not realize. Sometimes we are doing more ‘office work’ than creating. But it is all good and necessary if we are growing.

    I have chosen to blog here at WordPress for that reason. It is by far the most comprehensive venue for me to use for blogging. Even more so than our own sites. Thank you for always supporting us here and commenting and ‘liking’. It does help us to be seen in this huge cyber-world!

    Keep in touch and good luck with your ventures. I hope you are having fun in your ‘new’ shop! 🙂

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  3. romaland says:

    Busy as always! I understand. I have had a wonderfully creative year, too. I know you do, and I do as well–feel so blessed to get to use our creativity to bring joy to ourselves and to others. You know I love sheepies. The watering cans are adorable, too…happy creating♡


    1. Thanks, Charlotte! I have so loved seeing you come over to the “Dark Side” of painting! Your portrait that you did last week of the little boy was so cool, too! Thanks as always for your support and friendship. My artist friends are the BEST! 🙂


  4. Hi Sheila,
    Always great to catch up with you on your blog. I love hearing how your creativity has expanded into other areas like your embroidery.Happy to see that Keith is still getting some new scroll saw patterns going. They sure give me ideas! I know what it’s like to have so many projects on the go. Now that our weather has turned to summer temperature, I’m out in the workshop carving and thinking of different marquetry projects I want to do this summer. the quilting and sewing will take a back seat now until the Fall.
    Happy to hear that you had a great Mother’s day celebration. Happy creating!


  5. Thank you, Anna. 🙂 It is good to see you here as well. It is hard because I do miss my friend who used to communicate with me on my blog. Even if it was just a quick ‘hi’ – it was nice to connect and see what they were up to. I am glad you are getting nice weather. Here we are slowly getting warmer. The trees and plants are finally budding and it is quickly filling the landscape in with green and other lush colors. Hopefully, I will be here more to ‘visit’ and hear what you are working on. You are also quite busy and creative! Have a happy Monday! ❤

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