Catching Up

Where, oh where did the month of November go??

Here we are on the final day of the month and the holiday and winter season is upon us. I wish so much that we can slow things down a bit. But I suspect that the reason that it goes by so quickly is that we are busy, and that is a good thing, right?

This past month, Keith and I and the kitties had our lives turned a bit upside-down. We rescued an unfortunate kitty that had been hanging around our yard for the past few months. Most of our property is surrounded by woods, and on occasion, we have a visitor that passes through near the back. But this little guy became a mainstay and at the beginning of October when I saw him gobble up some old raisin bread that I threw out for the pheasants that live back by the woods, I knew he was in trouble.

Long story short, after feeding him for a month he finally came close to me and allowed me to hold him. He was so, so hungry and grateful for the food and love, I knew I had to do something. Here in Nova Scotia, the winters are deadly cold and bitter. I wasn’t going to allow him to languish under our crumbling barn. So I arranged to have him accepted at the Dartmouth SPCA, three hours drive away. But when I told Keith, he said “Aren’t we keeping him?” and my heart soared!  It has been a lot of work to integrate “Licorice” as I call him into our family of two 14-year-old cats, and there is a lot more work to come. They are still segregated after several weeks and may be for an indefinite amount of time, but he is safe and warm and this otherwise healthy two-year-old kitty has stolen our hearts.


While I like the name “Licorice”, Keith chooses to call him “Wolf Blitzer” or “Wolfie”, as he says he has a face like a wolf. So we have given him all three names and he is quickly becoming a much-loved family member. I have been giving updates of his integration on my Facebook page and he has quite the following. Those of you who have cats know how much work it is to create peace and harmony between residents and newcomers. It is certainly a time-consuming challenge.  Stay tuned for updates. 🙂

On the work front, it has been a busy go of things as well. We have some new things available on the site that I wanted to quickly share here on my blog.

Keith put together three awesome ornaments sets which include some of our favorite patterns at a wonderful (over 40%) discount.

Set 1 is of 85 Wildlife Ornaments:


Set 2 is filled with Classic Ornaments – we call this Christmas Party Pack:


And Set 3 is all Filigree and Damask Ornaments:


All three sets are going to be available for a limited time only. We hope you take advantage of this sale for your Christmas crafting. The ornaments are all our best sellers and we think you will truly every single one of them. They are great for keeping or giving as gifts, too. All patterns are available at our Sheila Landry Designs website.

I also wanted to highlight a brand new pattern that Keith just added last night. His SLDK798 – 15 Christmas Spirit Snowy Ball Ornaments are fun to cut and beautiful, too.


Each one has a beautiful word scrolled in the center and lovely snowflakes, too. We think these will be a great addition to any tree!

As for myself, I have a new pattern available over at Toletown for the month of December. (It may take a day or so to be posted. Lorrie, the owner of Toletown is going through some family hardships, so please be patient with her. ❤ )


The project is for the December “Quick Paint” and will be available for members for the entire month of December.  I love Toletown and think it has a lot to offer the painting community. Use the link above to check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

On a personal creative note, I finally received my Panpastel set by one of my mentors, Jason Morgan.



I had been waiting for their arrival for nearly a month. Not by any fault of the supplier (Jackson’s in the UK) but by the fault of the Canada Post strike which I will address next.

I have been working on a Zwarte Panther and wanted to try these out for the under layers and background. Here is a photo of where I am at with this project. It is NOT done yet. I have many layers to finish up. I kind of missed the deadline for the monthly challenge on Jason’s Patreon Facebook page, but I will finish it up nonetheless.


I am a long-time supporter of Jason. I have learned so much from him through his instructional videos on YouTube (All FREE!) ( and his Patreon videos and resources. I find that not only is he one of the most talented artists, but also one of the most sharing. You can find his Patreon page here:  I strongly encourage you to join me in supporting him at Patreon. For the cost of a cup of coffee or two per month, you learn so much from a wonderful artist and help him keep doing what he does best. It is certainly an investment in yourself.

Now for the news on the Canada Post strike. . .

The Canada Post strike pretty much took me out of the holiday season this year. I kind of suspended offering new surfaces and things for the holidays because the back up at the post office is horrid. I couldn’t in any good conscience solicit any orders not knowing if and when they would arrive to my customers. So things for me professionally have been kind of in a holding pattern. This has hurt so many businesses who are in or do business with small Canadian businesses.

However, me being me, I am taking a not so nice situation and making the best of it. I am using my time to plan and develop new ideas that I have for the upcoming year. I am working with other designers and have some great ideas myself for projects, lessons, and videos that I hope you will all love. I am so excited about things!

The strike has also forced me to look into other shipping options that I may not have considered. I am currently negotiating with another company to ship and by the first of the year, I may have a better means to get my products to you all. This will mean more efficient shipping and hopefully, it will be less costly as well. Since it is late in the season for someone like me, who supplies surfaces for painting gifts, I am waiting until things quiet down in January to really get things settled. With the disruption that the strike has caused, the new company I am looking at is overloaded. I told them I would like to talk later in the month about a long-term relationship with them. I will keep you posted.

Things are supposed to be settled at this point, but the backlog of mail is amazing. I am still waiting for supplies that I ordered over a month ago and this week I got very little in the way of mail, which means it is still not moving well.

It is what it is though, and they say eventually everything will reach its ultimate destination. We can only hope.

So that is it for today. As always, I will try to post more often. I have a new quick project that I am working on and should be posting about it over the weekend. I think you will like it.

Have a great day and a fun weekend ahead. Goodbye, November!  Hello, December!





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