“The Enchanted Florist”

Good day to you, my readers. I hope that all is well with you and you are coping with the ever-changing world around us. Every day seems to bring new adventure. The rapid changes of our world can sometimes be troubling, but I hope you are all finding ways to cope and find comfort and happiness from the things around you.

As for myself, I have been as busy as ever. I am fortunate in that I find a great deal of solace in creating. Artists do that, you know. Many of us feel a sense of calm when we are working on a project. Whether it is designing our own artwork, working from a pattern, or even making the pieces for other to use in their artistic journey, it is familiar and satisfying and tends to ground us. At least it does for me.

A couple of weeks ago, I finished the second piece in my North Star Village – Christmas in the Village series of patterns, kits and ornaments. I want to introduce to you “The Enchanted Florist” – a charming country flower shop:

NSVC2 – The Enchanted Florist

As with the first store (Toys in the Attic toy store) the florist is finely detailed with several unique elements and overlay pieces that will add a charming touch to your Christmas and holiday display. The store comes in two sizes – small and large – and the detailed pattern includes complete step-by-step instructions and lots of color photographs to paint this beautiful piece. It uses DecoArt Americana acrylic paint and mediums. There are over 50 photos in the 35 page pattern to guide you through the painting process so that even a newer painter will have a successful result. You can get the pattern in PDF format or have a paper pattern mailed to you – your choice. It is now available on my Tole Painting Designs website here: NSVC2 The Enchanted Florist.

On my site, I sell both the Large Wood Kit (NSVCK2A) and the Small Wood Kit (NSVCK2B) which include the main building, the wood overlay pieces, and the three-piece stands.

The overlay pieces for this project include The Enchanted Florist sign, the beautiful swan sleigh,

and the two adorable snowman and gnome topiaries:

It is really a fun piece to paint!

Each piece is filled with beautiful details that will make certainly be a family heirloom.

I also created several video tutorials for this project. There is one for painting the roof, another for assembling the stands, and another for applying the DecoArt Sno-Tex textured snow. You can use lots of these techniques with many other of your painting projects. They are all available on my YouTube channel here: Sheila Landry YouTube.

For those of you who may not have the room to display or build an entire village, I created a fun ornament set using the six main elements from this project. (NSO2 North Star Village Florist Ornaments Painting Pattern)

These fun elements can be used for gift tags, your Christmas tree, wreaths, garlands, or any place that you want to add some holiday cheer. The pattern and wood kit is available at my Tole Painting Designs website.

I am so thrilled at the huge response that I had on the pre-orders for this project, as well as the wonderful feedback that I had for the premier building – The “Toys in the Attic” toy store:

“Toys in the Attic” toy store

I think the series is off to a great start, and I have some great buildings lined up for the series. But first I have to finish up all the orders that I have for this project. You all are keeping me quite busy!

Next up – the BAKERY! I can’t wait to get started designing it! It will be another fun shop filled with ‘sweet details’!

Stay tuned for that! As soon as I get a breather, I will be at my drawing board working on that. I am already excited!

You can join my Facebook group – “Let’s Paint (and CREATE!) with Sheila Landry” if you want to see what I am working on and get previews of upcoming projects that I am designing and working on with other fabulous artists. My “Groupies” are the first to know when my new patterns and surfaces are released and we all have a great time sharing our love of creating in a positive and friendly atmosphere. It is my favorite place to hang out online. I hope you join us.

Thanks for reading and I hope to post again soon. I have lots going on and it is going to be a busy rest of the year for me.

Take care and stay safe, Sheila

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  1. Another beautiful building for your village Sheila. The detail in these is fantastic! I’m alway fascinated by the detail you get in your paintings no matter what medium you ate using.

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  2. Thank you, Anna! I always feel like I am so far behind. Perhaps because my mind moves faster than my hands do. I sure hope I can keep up with myself. ❤ I have to start on the next building – the Bakery. I am sure that will be full of sweet treats and fun!

    Stay healthy and safe! ❤

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