Creative Colleagues- Barbara Bunsey

As usual, it has been quite a busy time for me both in my business world, and personal creating. It always seems to be quite a balancing act, with lots of plates spinning and me trying my best not to allow any of them to fall. Life certainly keeps me on my toes!

I suppose this is what being successful is like for someone like me who pretty much works every aspect of my own business. While I have a brilliant partner in Keith, he has rather taken over the Sheila Landry Designs scroll saw pattern side of things, as I simply can’t find the time to design woodworking patterns in addition to designing painting projects, cutting wood surfaces and kits for painters, as well as pursuing my own personal art projects. (Not to mention being able to spend time on another creative passion of mine – needlework and embroidery!) There just aren’t enough hours in the day, or days in the week for that matter.

Now that isn’t saying that Keith doesn’t work hard. he has what I consider simply the best woodworking designs available. His attention to excellence and details is unsurpassed, and he has certainly become one of the best pattern makers in the industry. I am very proud that he has carried on the Sheila Landry Designs website and has kept everything to such a high standard. It is a pleasure to work with someone so dedicated and talented.

Besides the designing aspect of the business, Keith also has become our official “IT Guy” (Internet Technology). This job was rather forced upon him when the gentleman that we were going to have rebuild both of our websites became unable to do so, and Keith stepped up to the task. It has taken several months and a huge amount of effort, but both our Sheila Landry Designs woodworking pattern website and our Tole Painting Designs painting surfaces, kits, and patterns website are now complete and up and running and (hopefully) making your shopping and learning experiences better than ever.

The new websites offer features like easier searches, better category organization, and now you can create accounts that will keep track of your purchases and allow you to have a “Wish List” so you can bookmark your favorite items for later. So far the feedback has been quite positive and people have found it easier to navigate and shop. The scroll saw site also has clear distinctions between paper patterns, PDF patterns that will be emailed (Links will be provided automatically when the order is completed) and even the option to purchase laser-friendly patterns for automated, personal cutting. We are really excited about them and hope if you didn’t already do so, you stop by and create an account and join our respective mailing lists so that you won’t miss on our new items. We hope you love the new interface as much as we do.

So with Keith buttoning things up on my site and getting back to designing, I have been keeping pretty busy working with some other great designers and cutting wood kits for everyone. It hasn’t left me much time for designing, but that is perfectly fine. I have a long list of things I want to do and I know that I will probably not live long enough to accomplish half of them if I had three lifetimes. For a designer, that is a great place to be. I know my future is bright and as soon as things slow down, all I have to do is glance at my long list of ‘wannados’ and pick. I shall never be “bored”. (A word I forbid my children to use!) I am so, so grateful.

In continuing with my series on my Creative Colleagues, I thought I would share with you the lovely work of Barbara Bunsey of The Calico Goose.

Barbara has been designing and painting for over 30 years. She has taught at many national conventions, had her projects appear in several national magazines (including upcoming publications) and even painted over 1000 ornaments that President and Mrs. Bush used as gifts for family and friends in the year 2008. (What an accomplishment!) She has contributed to many historical agencies and associations and her work has been featured in galleries, crafts shows, and exhibitions. I am so proud by be able to work with Barbara and also call her my friend.

A couple of years ago, Barbara and I began working together. It has been a wonderful pleasure to see what beautiful designs she has created not only with my existing pieces, but also with pieces that she has drawn up herself. I am happy to say that in the next several months, there will be other design and projects published in some of the painting magazines in which I will be providing the surfaces for as well. I can’t show those yet, but I can promise you they are just beautiful! (I had a sneak peek! 😉 ) I can’t wait.

But for now, here are some of the current designs from Barbara:

With the upcoming autumn season, Barbara used my Large Maple Leaf Plaque wood kit to create a project she called “Gratitude”.

I just love the beautiful, warm colors of autumn Barbara used in this design! It is a lovely piece that can be displayed all the way up until the Christmas holidays!

Barbara also created some wonderful designs for the Christmas and Holiday season. Her two “Ugly Sweaters” projects are fun and whimsical, and are sure to put smiles on many faces. She used my Ugly Christmas Sweaters wood kits for both versions of the pattern.

Ugly Sweaters Set 1 by Barbara Bunsey

Ugly Sweaters Set 2 by Barbara Bunsey

And for a more classic and beautiful set of ornaments, Barbara created these lovely “Songs of Christmas” songbirds on my Mittens Bevel-Cut Ornament Set.

I just love them! She used some lovely silver charms to embellish them and I think they could be displayed all winter long.

Finally, for spring, Barbara designs some pretty and sparkly Panoramic Easter Egg plaques and ornaments in lively spring colors using my two-piece bevel-cut Egg Plaque and Egg Ornament set:

I just love the colors – and the glitter on these beautiful pieces. They remind me of my childhood when we each got some panoramic eggs made of sugar with little spring scenes inside. (All edible, of course!)

I hope you enjoyed this peek into some of Barbara’s beautiful design work. Again – you can see all of her amazing work at The Calico Goose and browse through her large offerings of patterns and designs.

It is so much fun to work with other designers and see what they do with the wood pieces I create. Many times, the results are something that I would never have even thought of doing! It just goes to show that two heads are sometimes better than one. I think it makes things better for all of us, as there are so many different painting and designing styles that appeal to so many individuals. The possibilities are just endless.

Working with others just makes me enjoy what I do even more. I am so grateful for my creative friends!

Until next time. . . .

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  1. Thank you Sheila for introducing us to another very talented artist! She does beautiful work. Your business has certainly taken many new roads and you and Keith have done an awesome job in bringing is all some very inspirational scroll saw and paintings. Looking forard to mre artist introductions.

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  2. Thank you, Anna. 🙂 It is nice to see the business evolving into what it has become. Each of my creative friends brings something different and exciting to it and I believe that will help it change and grow with the rest of the world and keep it healthy. I feel we are on a good path. I hope you and Jim are continuing to be well and staying safe!

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