A Reprieve

It is nice to work with a company that actually listens to its customers. And one that acts on what it is hearing is even better.

After the large amount of feedback that DecoArt received after announcing the discontinuation of so many colors, they have reconsidered and decided to keep ten colors that were on the original list. While it may not be the perfect answer for everyone – as everyone seems to have their own favorites – it does show a willingness to try their best to keep their customers happy.

On Thursday afternoon, I received the following note from the company:

“We understand our decision to discontinue a broad range of colors in our Americana® Acrylics™ collection was difficult news. We have taken additional time to carefully consider options. We are pleased to announce we will continue to produce 10 colors previously slated to be discontinued.

We feel this adjustment will allow the Americana® Acrylics™ palette to continue to be one of the strongest and widest ranges available on the market today. With 251 different colors available, we are proud to provide a range of colors that enables our Helping Artists, Makers, and Publishing Designers to create their finest.

We want to reiterate that we are working to update our Retired Americana Colors & Mixing Recipes. We will share this new chart as soon as it is ready.”

Good for them.

Following is a list of the colors that have been brought back and will still be produced:

While there are still some that want them all to stay, I think it is a decent compromise and shows that DecoArt is really trying to accommodate everyone as best as they can.

Following is the new and updated list of colors that will still be retired:

While there are colors that I like and use in that group, I am sure I will survive. We will still have the twelve new colors to look forward to as well as the entire line of beautiful paint to create with. I am happy. Here again are the new colors:

I don’t remember if I noted that I am, indeed, a DecoArt Helping Artists and have been for over 20 years. As a Helping Artist, we are given samples of paint at no cost to us from the company. We also become members of a community that offers support and guidance to not only us, but our customers as well.

DecoArt took me on as a Helping Artist way back in 1997 when I was just beginning to think of designing painting patterns as part of my business. They have been very generous with their samples of products – including new products – for us to try and hopefully promote to our customers. When I was having my patterns published in national magazines, we were compensated for using their products as well. This was a win/win for me because I truly love their acrylic paint and I feel very good about recommending it to anyone. I want this to be clear.

While I have used other types of paint and mediums in my work, I find that the DecoArt Americana paint is my preferred paint because it is readily available, inexpensive, and comes in such a wide range of colors.

I tend to choose one main company per medium that I work in. That doesn’t mean the others are bad, but if I find something I like, I like to stick with it and have no need to go from brand to brand – unless there are certain colors that I can’t find in the brand that I am using and can’t easily mix them. So far, with the acrylic paint that I use for my designs, this hasn’t been the case. DecoArt has covered the base pretty well.

Since the other day when I saw the upheaval that was caused from discontinuing so many colors, I have decided that I am going to be putting a swatch card in all of my patterns packets to come. I believe that this will make it far easier for my customers to recreate the project using whatever colors they have on hand – be it colors from DecoArt or (egads!) other brands. I have heard from many that lots of people are having trouble getting certain colors, which I am sure is due to slower production because of (I know you are sick of hearing it) COVID. While things are starting to gear up a little more and ‘beginning’ to get back to what we know as normal, it may take a while for places to be fully stocked again. This will help people work with what they have on hand or even mix their own tones to be able to make the project easily. It is just a little more work on my part and will, I believe, help a lot of customers. So that is what I will do.

Again I reiterate that we don’t always get everything we want all the time. I have already seen people complaining that “their” favorite colors didn’t make the cut to be brought back from the dead. Sometimes you just can’t please everyone.

As for me – I am grateful for anything I can get. 😉

Until next time . . .

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  1. That’s at least some good news.

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    1. Yes. I do believe they are trying to do what is best for everyone. I never have seen them backtrack before. So that is good at least. 🙂 Have a great weekend, Andrew.

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  2. I commend DecoArt for compromising and giving some of the colours back. I like their Americana lines and mostly use those for any painting project I’m working on. I can usually find any of the colours (or close to) that I need. There is always a PlanB if the colours are unavailable in my stash.😁

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    1. We are a lot alike. 🙂 I am happy because in some of the basic colors like Red Violet there is little that is close to it. I often wonder what criteria they use for making or retiring a color. I know they go by sales, but I also know that they do offer their products in pre-made displays that have the colors they choose included. Very few stores (especially brick-and-mortar stores) carry the full lines. So wouldn’t that predispose which colors would sell better? Just a thought on my part. There were a couple of purples that have been reinstated that have very similar colors. I don’t understand that. But I guess I don’t have to and I am at least grateful that some are back because it makes some happier.

      Happy weekend to you! ❤ 😀


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